Having decided to use Real Estate as an investment instrument, it is fundamental to answer certain questions in order to guide our search for your intent and to avoid creeps and hiccups. Please carefully answer these questions below. Client’s Name: Phone Numbers: Email Address: BUDGET 1. What is your budget?Continue Reading

Don’t do it, So you too want to Sell water in the Oceans, Na why you never sell your market since and you complain of sale drought ,you have been trying to sell in the wrong soil or environment. A Bible verse that speaks well on this culled from PsalmContinue Reading

Some days in real estate, I feel can be stressful Days that you know you have two marketing pieces that need to be approved, a morning meeting with the team, a luncheon with the title company, showings with new clients, follow up on client documents, receipts etc — follow upContinue Reading