Rema ‘collapses’ on stage during UK concert

Nigerian musician, Divine ‘Rema’ Ikubor, terrified his fans in the UK after he ‘collapsed’ on stage during a recent performance at the O2 Brixton.

In a viral video, Rema was seen performing during his ‘Rave and Rose’ world visit, where he sold out a two-day show at the 4,921-limit O2 Brixton Foundation Field, yesterday.

Then, out of nowhere, he dropped to the floor, claiming to have dropped.

The salvage group removed him from the stage, while they attempted to balance out him.

Nonetheless, the vocalist returned a couple of moments later, hopping back in front of an audience to play out his hit melody, ‘Lady’.

A tweep responded by saying on the off chance that a genuine crisis occurs, individuals will believe it’s a trick, while others encourage the vocalist to rest more circumstances like this.

iam_kelvinossai said: “Individuals ought not be tricking with things like this. Nobody will know when the genuine crisis occurs.
“CPR ought to be started not long after a breakdown on the off chance that no heartbeat is felt… and assuming individuals believe it’s a trick and leave him alone… gee.”

Seybyth: “Stop artiste subjection… quit exhausting artiste. na human them be (they are people).. give them some rest.. convey other artiste join… however una go dey do just my circle just our circle (quit working by clubs).”

__thegoodman: “U know say as dem popular na consistent medications and hard tins dey enter the blood! (They are on drugs).”The number one thing that can take a man’s life is the point at which you choose to pursue cash without resting! Show to show, occasions to occasions. Cash filling in the aza however you dey go little (reserve funds expanding while your wellbeing is diminishing).

“Furthermore, if you dey take drugs! All dis things na one body! Make una dey sorry for the body self (Show kindness toward your body).

hubertson__ said: “Haha web is continuously deceptive with half recordings. Presently everybody in the remark thought it was genuine.

“He stood up and raced to the stage and kept performing, assuming that you saw the total video. He’s actual fine and sound it was all acting.”

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