FG clears air about banning Twitter again following change of ownership

The Federal Government of Nigeria has said it is monitoring activities on Twitter following its takeover by a new owner.

Lai Mohammed, the Priest of Data and Culture, expressed this in his initial location at the third release of the ‘PMB Organization Scorecard 2015-2023’ series.

Lai said there are questions regarding what will happen to the National Government’s concurrence with Twitter, given the adjustment of its possession.

He said on Thursday, Nov. 10: “Many have requested our response following reports that there has been a spike in counterfeit news, disinformation and disdain discourse since the miniature writing for a blog webpage changed proprietorship.

“Many have even inquired as to whether another boycott is in the offing. Allow me to say this: We are intently observing the advancing improvements at Twitter.

“It has never been our goal to boycott any online entertainment stage or smother free discourse. Not the least bit.

“What occurred on account of Twitter is notable to all. Twitter turned into a foundation of decision for the individuals who need to undermine Nigeria utilizing counterfeit news, disinformation and can’t stand discourse.

“No country will permit any online entertainment stage to dive it into rebellion. Most certainly not Nigeria. Yet, we have kept on connecting decidedly with the different virtual entertainment stages, including Facebook, Google (proprietors of YouTube) and Twitter.

“We have zero desire to boycott any online entertainment stage once more. Yet, we will likewise not sit by and permit any stage at all to toss our country into emergency.”

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