What the U.S told IGP Tafa Balogun on drug allegation against Tinubu in 2003

What the U.S told IGP Tafa Balogun on drug allegation against Tinubu in 2003 - nigerian newspapers on the internet

Promoted as guaranteed genuine duplicate, reports suspected to be confirmed genuine duplicates of supposed contribution of medication dealing by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the official applicant of the decision All Reformists Congress, APC, again start to make adjusts on Tuesday.

This time, the record was forcefully shared by crowds of media helpers of Atiku Abubakar, of People groups Leftist faction, PDP who had have a terrible week with six lead representatives chose on the foundation of his party giving signs that they may not help his 2023 desire.

In any case, a cautious examination of the report will uncover that with the exception of the reason for misdirection, they are not different the ones that have been available for use beginning around 2002 about the implied drug charge.

Similar records were flowed in 2003, and not long before the APC essential, APC mission’s media and exposure chief, Bayo Onanuga said subsequent to scrutinizing the implied new archives.

He excused the records as the standard, worn out story.

“It is pretty much as stone cold dead”, Onanuga told a news medium on Tuesday and made reference to a segment of the mission’s FAQ’s manual.

As per APC FAQ Mission manual, the charge is one of the ‘unseemly and evil untruths hawked by political rivals about Bola Ahmed Tinubu was to paint him incorrectly as a medication nobleman;

The allegation emerged out of an examination by FBI specialist Kevin Greenery of Tinubu and Compass Venture and Money accounts at First Legacy Bank and Citi-Bank in the U.S.

“On January 10, 1992, Mr Kevin Greenery mentioned and got a court request to freeze the records.

“On January 13, 1992, Mr Greenery called Tinubu in Nigeria to legitimize the sums in the records, running into $1.4 million. Some portion of the cash was said to have been saved by two Nigerians, being explored for drug offences.”After the phone discussion, Tinubu educated his attorney in the US to file
a claim against the request freezing his records.

“This delayed till 15 September 1993, when an arrangement was gone after an out of court settlement. Judge John A Nordberg, of the US locale court for the Northern Region of Illinois, read out the understanding arrived at by the two gatherings. Part of the assets, $460,000 was held onto by the public authority.

“The FBI never accused Tinubu of any medication offense; the case didn’t go being investigated. Tinubu was rarely indicted. Furthermore, he was never banished from entering the US,” APC Mission said.

The APC Lobby Association likewise said In 2003, the then Examiner General of Police, Tafa Balogun made a request with the American Department on the medication claim against Tinubu after his PDP in Lagos raised the issue, determined to utilize it to preclude him from running briefly term.

The Department gave Tinubu a perfect bill in an answer by the Lawful Attache, Michael H. Bonner.

The letter read:

“Our sincerest good tidings to you and all of the policing in the Nigeria Police Power, whose proceeded with help is particularly valued. Comparable to your letter, dated February 3, 2003, reference number SR. 3000/IGPSEC/ABJ/VOL. 24/287, in regards to Lead representative Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a records check of the Government
Department of Examination’s (FBI) Public Wrongdoing Data Center (NCIC) was led.

“The consequences of the checks were negative for any lawbreaker capture records, wants,or warrants for Bola Ahmed Tinubu (DOB 29 Walk 1952). For data of your specialization, NCIC is an exceptionally brought together data community that keeps up with the records of each and every crook capture and conviction inside the US and its regions.”

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