Lagos government to begin impounding unpainted commercial vehicles

Lagos government to begin impounding unpainted commercial vehicles - nigerian newspapers on the internet

Lagos State Traffic The board Authority (LASTMA) will from Monday, November 7, start seizing unpainted business vehicles in the state as coordinated by the state government.

This was uncovered by the Head supervisor of LASTMA, Bolaji Oreagba, in an explanation delivered on Sunday, November 6, by the Overseer of Public Undertakings Unit of the power, Toafik Adebayo.

Oreagba said minibusses known as ‘Danfo’, including ‘Korope’, ought to be painted in Yellow with Dark stripes while mass travel transports with two entryways ought to be painted with the supported Red Tone.

Drivers of transports that have been approved to employ Victoria Island and its environs, have been coordinated to guarantee it has the supported variety and furthermore enlisted at laid out workplaces.

It read;

“Officials of the Lagos State Traffic The executives Authority (LASTMA) have been coordinated to appropriate any business transport not painted in the endorsed Lagos State shade of red or yellow with dark stripes.

“Any vehicle seized won’t be delivered until the needful is finished as per the law.

“All business transports should be properly enlisted with business number plates and hackney grants gave by the suitable expert in Lagos.

“Additionally, all supported region transport transports should consequently confine their tasks to their ‘endorsed’ areas of inclusion as anybody got outside their locale would be appropriated and charged to in like manner court.”

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