Tinubu is a potential dictator – Dele Momodu

Tinubu is a potential dictator - Dele Momodu - nigerian newspapers online today

Media character and individual from the People groups Leftist faction’s official mission chamber, Dele Momodu has portrayed the official competitor of the All Moderates Congress, Bola Tinubu, as an expected despot.

Momodu made the case while showing up on a Stations TV program on Tuesday, October 24.

He added that he doesn’t uphold tyranny as he lost a ton to it. Momodu said;

“I won’t ever uphold a tyranny. I experienced under tyranny. I was in confinement, I was far away, banished for good for quite a long time. Tyranny has not a chance in my books.

“So when you start to show autocracy, I will move back. He (Tinubu) is an expected despot.”

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