Why Do Some Realtors Always Go Home at the End of the Year with Nothing to Show for it

Why Do Some Realtors Always Go Home at the End of the Year with Nothing to Show for it 😱😨

Written by Dr Laide Okubena

1. You have No Daily Routines and Goals For Day to Day Activities.

Many Realtors wake up in the Morning and all they do is go to Instablog or gistlover for gossips or watch tiktok for the latest dance challenges or news.

No To Do list of important tasks for the day. No Goals for the Week and The Month properly written down. It is all inside their heads. 😱😱

No Daily Mode of Operations to achieve important tasks like prospecting or recruitment, closing sales, site inspections, doing video updates, seminars , presentations with customers or new team members.

2. Many Realtors Dont take Massive Action , they procrastinate.

No Massive Actions No Results. They say I will do it tommorrow , they keep delaying till December 31st calls and they have done or achieved nothing.

They fail to make calls, Top realtors makes at least 20 to 50 calls daily and Dms.

What are you doing with your phones all day.

Many realtors don’t take action, to write down weekly goals or Monthly Na like Jamb 😨.

They don’t go for site inspections for video updates, many don’t learn new skills daily or pay for personal development, courses , read books or learn new knowlegde.

3. Many Realtors Give Up So Soon when they Experience Setbacks or Temporary failures.

You cannot have a Millionaire Dollar or Billion Dollar Dream and all you have to show for it is a Minimum Wage Work Ethic 😱😱😨😨. Minimum wage is just 30k to 50k today and you want millions of naira in commissions but you work like a minimum wage worker.

You must perservere , never give up on tough times or when facing setbacks. You learn to bounce back from your defeats and dissappointments.

I remember a time a realtor came for site inspection to ibeju lekki for the first ever and she said it was too far and that she cannot becoming from Mainland for site inspections and Seminars 😱😱😱.

4.Many Realtors Lack Focus but want to Win Incentives only to end up with little or Nothing to Show for it.


Many Realtors end up with ground nut oil and hampers and toasters and microwave or only shopping vouchers as their highlights of the whole year 😨.

How can you be trying to sell for 30 + developers in 4th Quarter in just 90 days and think you will get an Suv, Car, all expenses paid trips from all of them. It is impossible. Can 35 Developers give you 35 Suvs, All Expenses paid trips in 3 months?

If you attempt it you will only end up doing 1M or 2m or 5 M targets each for 30+ developers and you get microwaves , hampers ,groundnut oil from all of them for lack of focus.

No cars , Nothing tangible because you lack focus of high achievers who pick max 5 Develeopers for Focus products per quarter to achieve their targets with.

5. Lack of Mentorship, Training and New Knowledge or Team work.

You cannot achieve much when you are not learning new skills, learning new things or even collaborating with others.

Team work makes the dream work.

You cannot do it all by yourself. You need team members, your upline and successlines to work together.

You need to learn from experience of mentors and people ahead of you in the game to be able to advance at a faster rate.


Question of the day

Which one of this are you doing that you need to stop for A Successful and Strong Finish for the Year 2022?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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