Nigerian man and his wife arrested for romance scam in Cambodia

A 48-year-old Nigerian man and his Cambodian spouse, 37, have been captured in Phnom Penh for their part in a sentiment trick.

The suspects were captured by the particular powers of the Counter Innovation Wrongdoing Division in participation with the Phnom Penh Metropolitan Police and the Phnom Penh Civil Examiner’s Office.

An assertion gave on Saturday, October 15, 2022, by the Counter Innovation Wrongdoing Division, said the suspects were engaged with an instance of adoration trick on the interpersonal organization WhatsApp.

The pair had requested the cash dishonestly.

After the cross examination, the Counter Innovation Wrongdoing Division fabricated a case and sent the two suspects to the Phnom Penh Metropolitan Court for additional procedures.

“The Branch of Innovation Violations might want to remind individuals to be exceptionally cautious about getting cash or material that has no reasonable source.” the assertion added.

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