Fugitive wanted by police arrested after applying for job with police

A lady needed by the police has been captured after she applied to function as a safety officer for a nearby sheriff’s office.

Zyeama Y. Johnson was captured on October 4 after she went to her thought process was a new employee screening with the police.

Unexpectedly, she had applied to work for Hudson Region in New Jersey, USA, in their expert office for finding individuals who are needed for exceptional warrants.

“She went after a position as a safety officer,” a criminal investigator for the Hudson Region Sheriff’s Office told Newsweek. “Clearly, as a feature of the individual verification process, we run them for warrants.”

“By then, we called her in for a meeting β€” or rather her thought process was a meeting β€” and we arrested her,” said the sheriff’s office representative.

Inquired as to why Johnson could have purposely jeopardized herself of capture by going after a position with the sheriff’s office as an outlaw from equity, the representative said, “We don’t have the foggiest idea.”

Johnson had been needed by experts in Monroe Region, Pennsylvania for inability to show up in court on charges of misrepresentation, as well as 10 extra seat warrants for inability to show up in court on traffic charges in Jersey City.

District Sheriff Straight to the point Schillari told nearby news site NJ.com that after Johnson’s capture, police took a normal stock of Johnson’s property.

Sheriff’s officials found that she had two Mastercards that had been accounted for taken, and she was therefore accused of Visa robbery.

Johnson is presently being held in Hudson Region prison in Kearny anticipating removal to Pennsylvania.

This isn’t whenever somebody first needed by the police was gotten in the wake of going after a position with the police.

Back in August, it was accounted for that a South African man named “South Africa’s stupidest criminal ” was captured in the wake of strolling into the police headquarters to beware of his application to join the police force.

He had been on the pursued for quite some time he was needed for taking equipment items

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