Leaked Robbery Video: Nigerian Serial Thief Known As ‘Blue Cloth Bandit’ Arrested In US Few Months After Throwing Lavish Wedding Party

A Nigerian recognized as Charles Chukwuma Onwuemelie has been captured in Los Angeles, US, for supposedly being engaged with a sum of 68-furnished business burglaries.

Onwuemelie supposedly “utilized a blue fabric to cover the handgun utilized in the burglaries that happened at corner stores, 7-11s and Walmarts,” LAPD said in a public statement.

“The suspect would cover himself by wearing various caps, a facial covering, and elastic gloves,” LAPD said. “A similar vehicle was utilized in a considerable lot of the burglaries, and a similar suspect was connected to the thefts in light of a few elements.”

Onwuemelie’s most recent endeavor happened on Sept. 23, when investigators created an arrangement to start reconnaissance and serve a court order.

Observation film delivered by the LAPD shows the suspect seeming to buy things at an odds and ends shop before he uncovers his supposed weapon covered by a blue fabric. He can likewise be seen wearing blue gloves and a cap that covers his face in the video.

Police recuperated a gun and other proof from the location of Onwuemelie’s most recent claimed burglary connecting him to the wrongdoing.


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The suspect is accused of 16 counts of burglary that supposedly happened inside LA city limits, however authorities anticipate that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Specialization should document extra charges for various different burglaries that obviously happened inside the area.

Specialists are getting some information about the series of burglaries to contact Criminal investigator Esther Myape at (213) 486-6840.

In the interim, there are reports that around 90 days prior he tossed a luxurious American wedding when he strolled his accomplice, Stephanie, down the walkway.

“Charles and Stephanie met as chapel in 2012 while Stephanie was chipping in as a Student teacher in Affirmation class.

“Charles and his sibling were in the Affirmation phase of their Catholicism. Charles became fascinated with the lovely youthful replenish that would bomb his affirmation papers.

“After Charles faced Stephanie about her thorough reviewing, they fostered a kinship that later transformed into adoration.”

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