PHEDC confirms electrocution of staff while trying to disconnect power lines in Calabar

The Port Harcourt Power Dispersion Organization (PHEDC), has affirmed the electric shock of one of its individuals from staff in Calabar.

Luckily, the staff made due.

The PHEDC staff was doing electrical works at Armed force Intersection, on the Muritala Mohammed parkway in Calabar, when he was shocked.

A video from the scene moving internet based shows observers assembled at the foot of the electric post to watch the shocked official who was unmoving at the highest point of the shaft.

Authorities are then seen situating two stepping stools which two electrical staff moved to get to the harmed official and convey him down.Mr Collins Igwe, Territorial Administrator, PHEDC, said the staff was taken to the Naval force emergency clinic for treatment.

He was restored at the medical clinic and has now been released.

A companion of the shocked electrical staff gave a report on Facebook. He said he has addressed his companion and he sounds “solid” following his release from the clinic.

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