Details of Chop Boii’s brutal murder and the message left on the wall with the deceased’s blood revealed

More subtleties have arisen in the primitive homicide of Anpe Pankyes, otherwise called Slash Boii.

The vocalist, who hails from Level State yet lives in Abuja, was tracked down killed recently at a home at 62 Bow, Gwarimpa.

A companion took to Twitter to repeat that Chob Boii was not the objective but rather he was just up to speed in some unacceptable spot.

Cleave Boii, his maker Beerolings, and the maker’s sweetheart Gift were totally tracked down dead in the loft on September 27.

The killing purportedly happened on Monday, September 26.

As per the companion who gave a report on Twitter, the executioners were permitted into the compound by the safety officer in light of the fact that the maker has a smaller than normal studio in his front room and it was “standard” for individuals to come in.

In the house, the executioners continued to go after everybody they saw.

Neighbors heard the casualties shout and afterward heard individuals singing “Blissful Birthday” so they excused the yells as a raucous birthday festivity.

Subsequent to killing them, the executioners cleaned up and left like nothing occurred.

At the point when Slash Boii’s sweetheart didn’t hear from him for an entire day, she called his companion who hadn’t heard from him as well. Cleave Boii’s sister likewise called the companion and when nobody could represent Slash Boii’s whereabouts, they went to his maker’s home.

At the house, they saw the entryway was not as expected locked so they cautioned the police.

At the point when the police showed up, they met a horrifying scene.

Slash Boii was supposedly tied hands and legs and his head was slammed. Favoring was hacked to death. Beerolings had his head torn open and his cerebrums on the floor, the companion guaranteed on Twitter.

The casualties’ bodies had been severely ruined and their left hands were slashed off.

With their blood, the executioners composed on the wall.

Slash Boii’s cut off hand was supposedly used to express “Him” on the wall.

One more message on the wall peruses: “We told them not to play with her.”

The companion said the Magistrate of Police and SCID have assumed control over the case.

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