Sales Statistics to Take Seriously I Iearnt from Sales Gurus and Coaches

1. 80% of Sales requires 5 Follow ups Calls before you close the sales.

2. 48 percent of Sales People Never even make a Single Follow up Call.

Imagine in 100 sales people 48 of out this dont attempt to call back.

3. The Worse time to Call a Customer is on Mondays and Second Half of Fridays ( in that period they are in the TGIF Mood) Tale Hippo

4. The Best Time to Call a Customer is within the hour you got the Enquiry or you got the complimentary card.

5. 58% of Sales people use social media to get new prospects. If you are not getting New prospects here it is either you are not doing it right or you need to step up your Game.

6. 63% of Sales Professional say they get them through Instagram and Linkedin going live. One you get people through is via a low entry product. You can either get them through a free E report or a low end product to get them in as a Qualified lead. – Paul Foh

7. A Lot of Customers are willing to give referrals but Lots of Sales People Never Ask for the Referrals.

Sales people don’t ask for referrals.

If you are not making Sales , You have not yet asked.

You don’t pick up the Calls to make the sales call.

There are 200 million people in Nigeria.

9 Billion People in the world

Ask and you shall receive.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

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