Russian man lights himself on fire to protest Putin’s draft

A Russian man set himself burning to try not to be recruited into the conflict with Ukraine.

The man went to the Ryazan bus stop in the southeastern city of Ryazan and lit himself ablaze on Monday, September 26.

This comes under seven days after President Vladimir Putin declared the “halfway preparation” of up to 300,000 reservists.

“At the Ryazan bus stop, a man set himself ablaze,” Russian media source YA62 shared.”He yelled that he would have rather not taken part in an exceptional activity in Ukraine.”

After the blazes flamed out, the man should be visible being accompanied to a rescue vehicle by police.

One observer let YA62 know that he got away with minor wounds, while the magazine Novaya Gazeta composed that he had consumes on north of 90% of his body.

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