Kogi seals church over ‘bulletproof water,’ unregistered hospital

The Kogi State Lead representative, Yahaya Bello, has requested the conclusion of another age church, The New Jerusalem Redemption Service, Okene for supposedly swindling individuals by selling “indestructible water” and running an unapproved clinical office.

The Minister of the congregation, Peter Adeiza, is said to have been working the office starting around 2008 while many individuals were said to have supposedly lost their lives because of unlawful and unhygienic clinical practice.

The conclusion request was carried out on Monday by the state Security Counselor, Leader Jerry Omodara (retd.), in the organization with the state Magistrate for Data and Chief for Wellbeing, Kingsley Fanwo and Dr Zekeri Usman, separately, other government authorities and the security specialists.

It was found that asides from lodging a medical clinic that is utilized for taking conveyances and treating infections, the congregation is likewise being utilized as a mental and recovery home as many individuals were seen with chains on all fours.

Individuals and admirers affirmed that they have been getting medicines for various sicknesses from the “Godly man.”

As per the state security counselor, the minister had prior been captured following a primer examination by the State Examination Department of the Police and the Branch of State Administrations to investigate the exercises happening in the church.Omodara added that there is sufficient proof that demonstrates that what they practice is in opposition to both strict and clinical practices.

He said, “In several days, he will be charged in court and will be arraigned, in the event that found blameworthy will acknowledge the cold hard truth.”

While tending to columnists, Fanwo said, “We are here to complete the request for the lead representative to see what’s going on here and perceive how to shield the interest and strength of our kin.”

On his part, Usman said the strength of occupants and residents of the state stays a need of the public authority.

The state Chief of Police, Edward Egbuka, addressed by Okene Region Administrator, ACP Ibrahim Usman, said the police and other security organizations were on the ground to guarantee that the premises stay fixed as well as keep up with the rule of law.

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