Real Estate Copywriting: How to Sell More Properties With Your Words

As a realtor, it’s important that your property listings stand out. Here’s how to use real estate copywriting to sell more homes, landed property and attract more buyers.

Millions of homes were sold in the real estate market globally in 2020 and that figure is set to increase to 7.1 million this year. As a realtor, you want a slice of the action. But with so much competition, it’s hard to make your properties stand out. This is where real estate copywriting comes into play. 

Words can make a huge difference to your property listing copy, taking potential homes from average to amazing. When a buyer is scrolling through endless listings, it’s easy for them to burn out especially if those listings all start to sound the same. Good real estate copywriting will elevate your listings above the rest and give your properties the personality they need to sell. 

What is real estate copywriting? 

Real estate copywriting is essentially any writing involved in selling properties. It includes headlines, ad copy, an agent bio, your About Us page, and property descriptions, all of which have the potential to pique the interest of a buyer or turn them off. 

Learning copywriting skills can be hugely beneficial for real estate agents to know how to speak to homeowners and buyers in a way that resonates with them and drives sales and commissions. 

It might sound simple: surely, real estate copywriting just involves listing all the amazing features of a house – that’s what people want to know, right? Yes, but this is only a part of it. Buying a home is an emotional decision (and a big one). Buyers need reassurance that they’re making the right decision, which takes a lot more than listing out the square footage of a property and its location. 

How to write real estate ads that capture and convert

Real estate ads targets people who are actively searching for a new home and show up at the top of their feeds on social media or in search engines. Ads are a great way to reach people who might otherwise miss your online listings or skip past them if they’re simply scrolling through aggregate sites. 

There are two main elements that make up a real estate ad:

1. The headline 

This is the first thing potential buyers will see when they come across your ad. It’s usually the determining factor between them choosing to click through on your ad or skipping past it completely. If your headline doesn’t do its job, the rest of your listing will go unseen. 

In fact, the headline is so important, we’ve written an entire section on it for this piece. 

Examples of Headlines are 7 Reasons why you invest in Epe/ Ibeju lekki.

How you can rental income from owning an apartment?

2. The body copy 

This is your chance to share a bit more about the property and add any extra selling points. Getting the copy right here will help strengthen your headline and give buyers further information to see if the listing is a good fit for them. 

5 tips to improve real estate headlines and drive click-throughs.

1. Put the client first

Remember who you’re talking to. A lot of realtors get technical with listings on their real estate website, almost like they’re trying to impress other realtors rather than the general public. When you put your target audience first, you’re able to imagine the kinds of things they want to learn about a property. 

Think about: 

What’s in it for them?How do you want clients to feel when they read your headline? What pain points do they have?

2. Get inspiration from other listings.

there are a few gems out there that can act as high-quality inspiration. When you’re browsing through aggregate sites or your competitor’s list of latest properties, keep an eye out for listings that are well-written and stand out from the others.

3. Tell a story

All properties have a history, even those that have just been built. But more than diving into the story around the building, think about weaving a narrative that gets clients excited about living there. 

Use your words to tell them what life could be like if they buy that property. Tapping into their future will help them paint a picture of a property and become emotionally attached to it rather than simply being a list of features and measurements. 

4. Focus on price

Let’s face it: the price is one of the most important factors when buying a house. If something is out of budget, it’s just not a viable option, which is why being upfront about the price in the headline can work wonders.

5. Be descriptive 

The more descriptive you can get with your copy, the better. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you touch on the benefits of the property rather than the features. Yes, it’s nice that the property has a private garden, but use descriptive copy to bring it to life in a client’s mind. 

Question of the day

How can you apply some of this to your copy writings to close more sales?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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