When I say Nigeria needs a charismatic President

When I say Nigeria needs a charismatic President, one that can stand shoulder to shoulder with World Leaders, this is what I mean. Nigeria has seen Glory Days. Obasanjo is the best there was, the best there will ever be.The reason most of Nigerians are ignorant about the job or the duties of the President of World’s most populous nation, is bcos President Muhammadu Buhari has lowered the bar. Nigeria is riddled with many problems but Foreign Policy shapes its image around the World.You can hardly travel with the Nigerian passport without experiencing some form of discrimination, even while traveling within Africa. You can’t neglect the Image of 9ja abroad. The consequences is dire.

This is one of the reasons FDIs has dwindled, foreign investors are not coming, so Buhari goes borrowing. Remove Diaspora Remittances & you’ll see the dwindled forex fortunes.Are we no longer talking about OBJ’s Nigeria? Some of you really don’t know how Nigeria was once respected globally on his watch.

So I’ll excuse your ignorance. South Africa, Ghana, even the smallest mushroom African country now disrespects Nigeria & treat Nigerians like sh*t, Nigeria was the one at the forefront of the liberation of South Africa from Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela (bless his soul) & Thabo Mbeki will forever be grateful to Obasanjo. How about the Congo & Sierra Leone Crisis?

How about the Liberia Crisis? Nigeria was the most conspicuous in the room, the most active member of the ECOMOG Intervention.

Obasanjo even wrote a “strong worded” letter to her Royal Strongwoman Margaret Thatcher. Jimmy Carter was a friend of OBJ. So was George W. Bush.

Obasanjo rubbed shoulders with some of the most powerful presidents to greet this world in the last 3 decades.

OBJ hosted the 18th Meeting of Heads of Government of Common Wealth Nations (CHOGM), in Dec 2003. He had Queen Elizabeth in attendance.

How about the All Africa Games (COJA) 2003 & the FIFA World Youth Championship (Nigeria ‘99)? This is nostalgia, Nigeria has seen better days!!

Give Obasanjo his accolades please. He understood International Politics & Image Making like no one else after him.

Nigeria has seen better days!! It breaks my heart to this once gaint of Africa go into obscurity.

Now before I close; let me repeat this for those of at the back; “two Agendas can coexist side by side: Foreign Policy & Domestics.” No excuse for the abysmal performance of Nigeria in Int’l Politics & Diplomacy.Nigerians shouldn’t limit the scope of what the job of a president entails. You carry the Nigeria Brand high or you don’t.

The next president must rework & re-engineer Nigeria’s Foreign Policy. I can’t stress this enough!

THE BEST THERE’LL EVER BE is a challenge to those promoting misfits as possible replacement for the abysmal Buhari. Even those peeing on their diapers.

OBJ left a very huge shoes to fill. Records are meant to be broken. So who will beat his records whilst he’s still with us?

Remember the bloodless coup in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2003? That coup ousted Fradique de Menezes.

Obasanjo personally escorted the president home to be reinstated after a deal was reached. The continent of Africa had men who knew what to do. Obasanjo was one of them…..

This is not me calling OBJ a Saint. He was far from sainthood, especially when I think of his failed 3rd Term Bid & Zaki Biam Massacre

But in the larger scheme of things, he did Nigerians RIGHT. He was the best recruiter of the finest talents, a detribalized Nigerian to the core

I understand Nigerians are heavily divided & full-blown tribalism is now rife. But Obasanjo was a unifier, he did not care where you came from. As long as you could do the job, you were hired…

Now I wonder how OBJ would have handled Mali & wave of coups sweeping across Africa?


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