Weekends! Sales Jackpot For Consultants!

Dear esteemed Consultants!

Be excited weekend start today

Basic statistics show that 95% of business owners and their staff don’t go to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Government officials and some institutions also stay at home during weekends.

This is an opportunity to make a real estate jackpot, to make extra money to meet your goals or to get wealthy.

Real Estate offers you this opportunity, to live in abundance, I desire your development and growth, nobody loves you the way I did. I’m here to enhance your destiny with money.

Weekends are most likely days you meet your clients, prospects, and those who want to invest in the company’s products and services. They will be off from work.

Where to find them:

Some of them will stay indoors relaxing with TVs and on social media.

Some will go shopping in stores and marketplaces.

Some will visit eateries, parties, cinemas houses, clubs, etc.

On Sundays: some will go to mosques, churches, and traditional houses.

What to do:

You have to take steps or do whatever it takes to meet them at the point of their relaxation.

Request if you don’t have any of the company’s hard or soft copies of the estate products.

Go Online to market to individuals on your friend list. Post the company products with good content on your timeline, story status,

Write the content or request from the company content that will compel or lure prospective buyers to the company’s products you want to sell.

Visits: Rich saloons, recreation Centers, Clubs, Rich Parties or Occasions, Bars, Clubs, even inside traffic, You can practice real estate farming in any given rich location or an existing rich developed estate.

Engage people, build a good relationships, be honest, be focused, be determined, be creative, and be prayerful.

Before you know it, You are not just makings sales, you are also building connections, building your profile too, with more money in your pocket.

Kindly be active from this weekend. When you make more money for yourself we are happy with you.

Soon everyone in this consultants group will tell you Congratulations!!!. That shall be your testimony…

Have a productive and restful weekend.


#Shokoya Taiwo Julian.

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