Why does ofada rice smell unpleasantly?

No doubt, ofada rice is one of those nutrient-packed meals with lots of health benefits. Still, it doesn’t fall into the category of foods with an inviting aroma. As a matter of fact, it can be pretty unpleasant, repulsive, or offensive, as some people describe it.

The unique smell of this local delicacy, especially when it is being cooked can be compared to that of a he-goat. Thankfully, it doesn’t taste the same way. If anything, it tastes really good, especially when combined with its local signature sauce, Ayamase.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why this dish, as delicious as it tastes, smells so unpleasant, especially when it’s being made, then you are certainly not alone. Here’s a simple explanation.Ofada rice is mostly planted and grown in a small community in Ogun state in Nigeria called Obafemi Owode local government area. It’s a blend of 2 species of rice- African rice and Asian rice, and it comes in different categories- brown, red, or white.

Once the rice is harvested, it is left to go through fermentation, the same way some local seasonings like Iru, Ogiri, and the likes are made to ferment.

It is first soaked in water for about 5-7 days, after which is parboiled and sun-dried before it is taken to the market to be sold. This fermentation process is responsible for the rice’s unique smell.

One more thing to know about the production of ofada rice is that it is cultivated without the use of chemicals, which is what makes it super healthy. So, yes, most people may not like the smell when cooking it, but a majority still enjoy eating this local dish because it is both delicious and nutritious.

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