Photos & Videos : Women of Iran Removed Their Headscarves In Protest Against The Murder Of Mahsa Amini By Hijab Police

Ladies of Iran-Saghez removed their headscarves in challenge the homicide of Mahsa Amini 22 Years Old person by hijab police and reciting

The 22-yr-elderly person passed on in Iran subsequent to being beaten on head by the system’s “ethical quality police” for not “appropriately” wearing her Hijab.

Constrained hijab isn’t “social.” Here are pre-1979 pictures of ladies in Iran and ladies fighting constrained veiling at the beginning of the Islamic Republic. What’s more, by far most of Iranian ladies who leave Iran eliminate their shroud.


Removing hijab is a punishable crime in Iran. We call on women and men around the world to show solidarity.


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The murdering of #MahsaAmini Became a turning point for women of Iran. Hijab Police killed Mahsa because a little bit of her hair was visible. Now she became a symbol of resistance for women to take their disability back.

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