Woman reportedly dies in auto crash while chasing her husband after spotting him with a lady in Calabar

A yet-to-be distinguished lady has supposedly kicked the bucket in a car collision in Calabar, Cross Stream State while pursuing her significant other who she saw with one more lady at a shopping center.

As indicated by an observers, Stephen Okposin, the mishap occurred along the Murtarla Mohammed Parkway on Sunday, September 18, 2022.

“The woman saw her hubby at Fight shop with one more lady in the vehicle, so she briskly headed to betray them. This man saw her vehicle and zoomed off, so the lady became forceful and accelerated.

“I was simply driving behind them in under 3 minutes I saw her engaged with the mishap and she’s oblivious at point of death. The hubby that was running out of nowhere dropped off the woman who was with him and hurried down to help restore her from the vehicle. She’s been raced to the emergency clinic. We implore she endures it.”

The observer initailly said the lady was oblivious yet in an update, he affirmed she has died.

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