Police arrests vehicle snatcher who macheted driver to death in Anambra

A man distinguished as Akpa Lebechukwu from Enugu State has been captured for macheting a business transport driver to death at Okija Intersection, Ihiala Nearby Government Area of Anambra State today September 18.

An assertion delivered by DSP Ikenga Tochukwu, representative of the state police order, says the driver who was passing on Lagos and making a beeline for Imo State, stopped to drop off a traveler, when he went after by the crook. He said the suspect bounced into the vehicle after the driver had dropped off a traveler and macheted him.

“Today (Sunday) 18/9/2022 at around 12:05pm, police captured one Akpa Lebechukwu ‘M’ 25yrs from Enugu State, and recuperated one cleaver from him.

The suspect went after the driver of a business vehicle on travel from Lagos to Imo state at Okija intersection, along Onitsha/Owerri Turnpike.

The casualty left to drop a traveler before Lebechukwu hopped into the vehicle and macheted the driver. The driver was raced to the clinic before he was pronounced dead by a clinical specialist working.”

It was anyway not satisfactory what the expectation of the assailant was or his perspective.

Ikenga cited the Anambra State Police Magistrate as requesting the quick exchange of the make a difference to the state criminal examination division.

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