August Alsina accuses Tory Lanez of hitting him, shares a bloodied photo

August Alsina has blamed Conservative Lanez for moving up on him with his thugs on Saturday September 17.

He supported up the case with a photograph of him resting against a lift wall with blood running down his mouth and seeming bewildered. The vocalist who claimed Conservative’s team got the entire thing on camera, requested that they discharge the recording.

Alsina said he opened up to the world since he’d seen/heard Conservative flapping his gums to websites and needs to get the genuine story out there.

He further implied Conservative going after him back in 2020 when he rapped about his relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith. He accepted that Conservative could have done without him and didn’t want to profess to be companions.

Alsina composed;

As I’m leaving the structure after the show the previous evening, A 4’11 estimated leprechaun ran down on me w/8 curiously large security nigxas, whom I welcomed each exclusively upon their stroll up as they attempted to squeeze me.
Entire time, I’m one profound. No security.

Conservative keeps on asking w/a messed up self image the reason why I didn’t dap him up, I proceed to tell him.. I loved him and didn’t comprehend him talking on my business freely before, in light of the fact that I don’t have any acquaintance with him or at any point met him until the previous evening. So when he talked it surprised me as a result of his past activities, I expected he could have done without me, there’s nothing more to it. Also, with my set of experiences of wellbeing and condition as of late defeating being deadened, my PCP guided me not to think twice about wellbeing while out on street and shake as less hands as conceivable because of crown, and monkeypox.

Never any ill bred words were traded, so I was a piece befuddled at how some way or another he turnt him self up w/outrage subsequent to hitting an unpolished bound with cocaine clearly, (I heard the failure) and he snuck me when I turned my head to shift aside among all his fidgety moving and to watch out for the vast niggas that was w/him encompassing me. Which was security and some nigxa with a firearm tucked… whom he then, at that point, continued to run behind and stow away to run back in the structure. There was rarely a “battle”! Basically an Attack. Man has no genuine companions, and is on an accident out mission. So, I was gone keep it G and not come to the net, but rather you moving with foul plan taking care of falsities to websites to search for a “second” cus them minutes ain’t occurring in front of an audience for u.

I will help you in that, nimbly.
His ppl got the entire thing on camera, PUT. THE. Film. OUT!!
I might want to see it πŸ™‚ at any rate, leme go clear this blood off my face w/some @encinawellnessHowever Conservative Lanez is denying the occurrence. He asserted he has been in the studio and was never associated with such battle.

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