What Happened To Abiola, Awolowo Must Not Repeat Itself On Tinubu, Says South-West APC

The party, through its Public Bad habit Director (Southwest), Boss Isaacs Kekemeke, made an intense stride yesterday by setting up compromise councils and a powerful contact group.

The party chief, Kekemeke said: “We have made plans to change the account. What befell Awolowo and Abiola should not repeat. It is a lifetime chance to deliver the following president and we won’t allow it to sneak past. Some say we sound nostalgic.

Why not, on the off chance that the best competitor is from your zone assuming that he is the most experienced and he is a man with precursor? It isn’t all since he is from here but since he is awesome. We ask all Southwest indigenes to mobilize behind Tinubu and guarantee that he is
chosen the following president.”

As per Kekemeke, the Akeredolu-drove exceptional advisory group will draw in famous residents who are basically APC pioneers and others that use impact in their networks and states.

The zonal pioneer additionally made sense of that the party was ready to yield specific requests in building inclusiveness bid.

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