Video & Photos : Chinese Man Stabbed a Lady To Death In Kano, Nigeria  For Rejecting His Love

Video & Photos : Chinese Man Stabbed a Lady To Death In Kano, Nigeria For Rejecting His Love

A Chinese man butchered a young lady yesterday in kano. Reports says the young lady didn’t acknowledge his affection and he followed her to her dad’s home and cut her to death.

he episode happened on Friday night at Kabuga quarters (Dorayi Babba), Gwale nearby government area of Kano State.
Affirming the occurrence, Kano Order Police Representative, SP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, said the suspect, Geng, 47, serious the wrongdoing in the wake of scaling the wall of the structure to get close enough to house where he wounded her severally.
The suspect claimed that the departed who was his sweetheart bamboozled him in the wake of promising to wed him while he has burned through truckload of cash on her.


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As per the suspect, he was miserable because of been misdirected by his late young lady companion which prompted the demonstration he committed at the home of the departed.

A little misconstruing supposedly happened inciting the denounced to call Ummita over and over and she was said to have disregarded his calls. He consequently went to their home, bang at their entryway more than once, which made Ummita’s mom angry and chose to defy him.

Abdullahi Kiyawa said the mother of the departed raised caution during the demonstration and promptly the Police was alarmed of the turn of events, the Magistrate of Police, Abubakar Lawan, coordinated the DPO, Dorayi Babba, to assume responsibility for the circumstance.

He noticed that all around the suspect has been moved to the state base camp at Bompai for additional examination and arraignment.

Sources said that the departed was covered on Saturday morning, in Kano.



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