Man who climbed into Queen’s bedroom in 1982 says he has ‘lit a candle’ for the late monarch and is saddened by her death

A man who broke into the Sovereign’s room in Buckingham Royal residence says he went to chapel to light a flame for her.

Michael Fagan is known for increasing the imperial central command a drainpipe in July 1982 preceding advancing into Her Highness’ confidential chambers while she was snoozing.

The then painter and decorator, who has schizophrenia, went through around 10 minutes conversing with the ruler about his loved ones.

In the mean time, the then 56-year-old imperial set off the alarm by her bed to caution the regal monitors yet got no reaction.

She then called the switchboard yet the administrator thought her calls for help were only a trick.

Ultimately, an obligation footman burst in and the gatecrasher was handled to the floor.

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