Court To Rule On Baba Ijesha’s Bail Application On Monday

An Ikeja Special Offenses Court will on Monday rule on a bail application documented by Olanrewaju James, otherwise called Baba Ijesha, whether the convict has met exceptional conditions for the court to give him bail.

Equity Oluwatoyin Taiwo fixed the date subsequent to taking contentions from both the indicting and guard counsel.

The bail application is spin-off of the prison term that was given over to Baba Ijesha by Justice Taiwo, who condemned him to a five-year simultaneous prison term.

Be that as it may, his lawful group is in court to pursue the judgment.

At the point when the matter came up on Wednesday, one of the convict’s direction, Chukwudi Adiukwu, let the court know that the group brought to see for bail forthcoming the allure in accordance with Section 6 (6) of the 1999 Constitution and Section 51 of the High Court Law of Lagos State, Administration of Criminal Justice Law, conceding the candidate to bail, either genuinely or upon sensible circumstances.

Talking on the exceptional conditions, Adiukwu made sense of that the application was taken before Justice Taiwo, as getting a date at the Court of Appeal may be troublesome thinking about the quantity of cases under the steady gaze of the court.

He expressed that with the jail month schedule, the convict would have served his five years simultaneous prison term in something like three years and a half year before the consultation could happen at the Appeal Court.

He added that Baba Ijesha was of appropriate conduct under the steady gaze of the court during his preliminary, and was never missing till the judgment.
He, in this way, encouraged the court to consider the exceptional conditions to concede bail to the convict.

Responding to this, the state arraigning counsel, Omowunmi Bajulaye-Bishi, said the protection counsel in their location neglected to lay out the extraordinary conditions which might allow Baba Ijesha bail; subsequently asking the court not to concede bail to the convict.

Equity Taiwo dismissed to September 19, 2022, for administering.

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