Asian Crew Killed 2 Stowaway Nigerians On Japanese Ship, Threw Some Into Sea

Two Nigerians have been supposedly killed off the shores of Gbanken Beach in Grand Kru, Liberia, while on board the Ophelia Panana, a Japan-bound transport.

As per, 12 different Nigerians were protected by individuals from a Liberian joint team while attempting to escape from being killed by the boat’s group between September 11 and 12.

The Nigerians were accepted to be stowaways attempting to come to Japan by wrongfully boarding the boat.

The team individuals, accepted to be either Chinese or Japanese nationals, supposedly killed the two men and unloaded their bodies in the sea, while the 12 survivors figured out how to swim to the shores of Gbanken Beach, where they were protected by the team.

The Nigerians were supposed to convey different injuries on their bodies when they were protected. Those killed on the boat were distinguished as Frank and Osas Velurobo.

As per Chris Teah, the team’s head, the boat left Lagos around September 5.
“The boat was under a mile from the shore. Six Nigerians swam and came on shore. They let us know that they were 14 Nigerians and they were informed that they planned to Japan. They accepted that the group on the boat could be Japanese or Chinese since they resemble the other the same,” Teah said.

Teah said the Nigerians were found in their concealing put after they beat on the boat to demand food from the team. This was after they had burned through five days installed without food or water.

“They were found up the remote ocean by the team. They (team) splashed high temp water on them and two of their partners were killed. Six people swam to get on shore. As per the Nigerians, they got on the boat furtively, yet when they left Nigeria about five days prior, they left food. They began raising a ruckus around town so the group could get the data that individuals were ready the boat,” Teah said.

“The group came and saved them. They and the group were like cool for like two days and the third day, they began abusing them up to the time they hit the dirt of Liberia [sic].

“Four additional people were saved from the boat straightforwardly and the last two were tossed into the sea by the folks (team). The two that were accounted for killed, we didn’t see them and we don’t know whether they were killed on the Liberian soil or it occurred at remote ocean.”

Teah said a sum of 12 Nigerians were saved and brought to the shore by his group. He likewise said that the saved men were in the guardianship of the nation’s joint security.

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