Ray J Was Right – Leaked Email Shows Kim Kardashian Was Paid $1m In Just Six Weeks After Her Tape’s Release

New records seem to help the end that Kim Kardashian 100 percent knew about the alleged ‘l*eak’ of her s*x tape and that she monetarily benefitted from it.

The records have been delivered at a time Kim’s then accomplice and co-star, Ray J, is going all on a mission to demonstrate Kim and her mom both had some awareness of the arrival of the video that sent off Kim’s distinction.

Kris Jenner as of late guaranteed she didn’t realize anything about it in the wake of taking a polygraph (lie locator test) on a TV show.Following her case, Ray J showed up ready to brawl to expose her cases, delivering segments of his agreement and Kim’s agreement.

TMZ has additionally revealed an email shipped off both Kim and Ray J weeks after the tape’s delivery illuminating them both about the uncommon outcome of the video.

Per the email, the tape made more than $1m only a month and a half after its delivery.

The tape was delivered in 2007 and despite the fact that Kim sued the disseminating organization Vivid, the case was before long privately addressed any remaining issues.

Beam J demands Kim had some awareness of the video’s delivery every step of the way and that their arrangement was to get $400,000 forthright and 12.5% of benefits.

He likewise charges they shot two tapes and that Kris checked the two tapes and approved the arrival of the one generally complimenting to Kim!The Kardashians continue to deny any inclusion yet, all things considered, they approved everything!

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