Success in Life and Business has a lot to do with Our Relationships with People.

Are you thinking Why David Adeleke aka Davido would raise 200 Million in 48 hours and Some Celebrities would struggle to raise Money to Save their Lives for a life-threatening Surgery for Months and struggle to raise the complete money.

People with Good relationships with others tend to achieve more in life than those without good relationships with others.

Like today we will focus on business and sales instead of the romantic aspect of relationships.

Don’t forget building relationships is like opening a Bank Account You cannot open an account that you have not made a deposit inside, you cannot withdraw anything from an empty Bank Account.

One fact we must Understand is this , it is not Everyone you want to build a relationship with that would accept , some will and Some will not , so be ready to move on to the Next.

Everyone cannot like you, so stop trying to get everyone to like you or do business with you.

Stop Expecting Everyone to Wish you a Happy Birthday or Happy Wedding Anniversary in your special moments , it is abnormal to Expect it from Everyone.

But you connect with those who are attracted to connect with you and go with the flow.

Here are 5 Ways To Attract Relationships For Success in Sales and Business.

1. Define what you want
2. Believe it is Possible
3. Use the Law of Attraction
4. Take Action To Manifest Your Dreams to Reality.
5. Gratitude ( What are you grateful for and Expression of it on a daily basis).

1. Define What You Want

What are the Qualities you are attracted to ?

If you want to a Quality Relationship with certain Target Audience of Clients or Prospects.

You may to have to make a list of Qualities you are looking out for in a Potential Client or Customer or what you are looking for in your customer canva.

It maybe things like High networth individual, earning XYZ.

It maybe People who Work in the Oil and Gas or Information Technology Industry.

It maybe things like Nigerians Abroad who are Medical Doctors , Engineers etc.

This Varies from industry to Industry.

Focus on What you want and begin visualising the person.

Also think about what you don’t want.

You must clearly know the kinds of Customers or people in business you don’t want to do business or build relationships with.

For instance you may write down things

Unemployed or Low income Earning customer if you are into Luxury Business like Real Estate.

You must have an idea of those who cannot afford what you offer.

So that you won’t find yourself trying to network with a bunch of teachers who earn probably 30k per month for your luxury apartments you are selling.

Focus on what you want and be sure to avoid focusing on what you don’t you have Written down on your list.

You cannot be wearing Bend down Select Clothes , old clothes, shoes to attract , your appearance must match the kind of customers or Clients you want to attract because they will Judge you by your appearance before they listen to what you have to say. You may need to upgrade your current wardrobe and shoes if you want to succeed selling luxury or high ticket sales to your clients e.g Real Estate in Lekki Phase 1 or Ikoyi or Chevron or Ikeja etc.

2. Believe It is Possible

Start with the Belief You are going to Get the Right Person ( Right Customers in your Target Audience).

You must drop that belief that All High Networth Individuals or Clients who can afford what I have offer as products and services are beyond my reach.

If you believe that you are going to be depressed and stagnant you will attract such in your life and it will become your reality.

You will need to drop such self sabotaging and negative beliefs to succeed in sales and business.

Drop beliefs like ,

Who is buying my goods and services in this Economy of Buhari in Nigeria, Money no dey in circulation.

Who is buying land and houses in this economy?

This thought alone will limit you and your ability to attract sales or abundance in your business or career.

You may want have beliefs like

There is Abundance of Money in Circulation and I am attracting this into my life, business and career.

My Ideal Clients and Customers are also looking out for me as I am also looking out for them too.

You should also have the belief that you are worthy that person you want.

You also have to match the Vibration of the customers or clients you want to Attract.

If you want to attract customers who are loving and kind you have to be loving and kind.

You want to attract High Networth Individuals or Even Middle Class Clients, You have to have or develop the Skillset of the person who is also solutions provider to a High Networth Individuals or Middle Class Clients also or Your Target Audience.

You need to be the person you want to Attract and it is about transparency and authenticity.

You cannot give what you don’t have.

3. Use the Law of Attraction

Visualize having the life you want to have with those People.

Visualizing this gives you the kind of vibration to attract the kind of people, clients you want to attract to your business or those who you want to build relationships with.

What kind of friends or clients or business partners do you want?

Find Friends that help you stay accountable and can even connect you to those who you are looking for or even referrals.

4. Take Action

If you don’t Put Yourself Out There, how will you will find out the person or clients that you want.

If you don’t put out contents on social media ,blogs or websites about your products or services how will you attract your target audience , you will end up with no one calling or reaching out to you or your business.

If you don’t leave your house or office to meet and network with people. You will end being on your own or with little sales or no sales.

If you want to catch Millionaires and Billionaires you have to go where they are online and offline.

You have to go out to hang out where your target audience hangs out , places like country clubs, Flying first class, Business Class, Joining Certain Clubs or Business Associations.

What kind of restaurants, Hotels or Hangout Spots do your target audience hangs out.

Professional Associations, Club in Town, Golf Clubs, or People who love do certain sports or certain fields, Bowling, tennis , attending Seminars, Workshops etc.

Meeting new people is very key in building New Relationships.

5. Gratitude

You have to show gratitude to attract abundance from the universe , from Almighty Creator , you have to show gratitude to people that matter around you and your circles.

Gratitude starts from daily gratitude for the things you currently have and being geniunely grateful for them, like being alive, good health, a roof over your head, family ,friends , a source of Income, even when you have none.

Daily mode of gratitude even when there seem to be nothing to be thankful for.

Show gratitude to your family , your neighbours, customers , colleagues , partners, mentors and everyone around.

Question of the day

What did you learn about attracting and building relationships for Success in Life , Sales and Business.

What are you grateful for today in your personal and professional life write it down ?

Task for the day.

Write a Gratitude note to your self and to your customers who have bought previously from your business.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Do Have a Productive Week and Successful one.

Β© Dr Laide Okubena

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