Pandemonium as security operatives stop Awka factional Monarch’s new yam ceremony

THERE was disorder Saturday in Awka as security agents scattered and closed the home of Chief Austin Ndigwe who as of late pronounced himself as the conventional leader of Awka and halted his arranged new sweet potato celebration.

A couple of years prior, Ndigwe proclaimed himself the customary leader of Awka in any event, when the town’s Monarch, Obi Gibson Nwosu 11 is as yet alive.

Ndigwe, who purportedly has the help of certain indigenes of the town, has been marching himself as the conventional leader of the local area. Recently, he wanted to praise the current year’s new sweet potato celebration for the local area in which noticeable individuals the nation over were welcomed.

Nonetheless, as a portion of the visitors were at that point situated at around 11am, a unit of police and military men showed up and fixed the royal residence and pursued away the welcomed visitors.

The region was likewise cordoned off by police officers who said they were following up on orders from a higher place

One of the adolescents of the local area said: “The police officers and the fighters utilized teargas canisters to pursue us away.There was disorder when they began shooting in the air and individuals took off from the region and a few of us supported injuries.”Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, in any case, said he didn’t know about any request to close the castle of the factional ruler.

Be that as it may, the state government has denounced the activity of Ndigwe, portraying him as a fraud.

An assertion endorsed by the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Paul Nwosu said: “It has come to the consideration of Anambra State government that one Austin Chukwuezube Ndigwe, nom de plume Uzu Awka, is as yet strutting himself as the credible customary leader of Awka.

“Not just that; he is likewise doing whatever it takes to perform one of the significant collect season’s conventional customs known as New Yam celebration of the Awka public, subsequently undermining the harmony and peacefulness of the town. The state government won’t endure this.

“For the evasion of uncertainty, the state government wishes to state vehemently that the main perceived conventional leader of Awka is His Royal Highness, Obi Gibson Nwosu, Eze Uzu II of Awka whose acknowledgment by the state government has not been removed and he is the only one enabled by Section 15 of the Traditional Rulers Law of Anambra State 2007 to manage such celebrations or complete any of the elements of a customary ruler in Awka.

“It is a criminal offense for some other individual to do as such by goodness of segment 20 of the Traditional Rulers Law of Anambra State 2007.

“The said Austin Ndigwe isn’t the perceived conventional leader of Awka and ought to hence cease from strutting and depicting himself as the customary leader of Awka, or endeavoring to usurp the privileges of the authentic and appropriately perceived conventional ruler, His Royal Highness, Igwe Obi Gibson Nwosu.

“Any such unlawful demonstration in any piece of Anambra State wouldn’t be excused by the Anambra State government and the state won’t hold back to endorse the faker, as per the applicable laws of Anambra State”.

Ndigwe couldn’t talk regarding this situation yesterday as he said he was in a gathering.

Individuals of Awka Kingdom were shocked a couple of years prior when Ndigwe, with the backing of a few powerful individuals from the local area guaranteed that he had mounted the privileged position of the local area and has from that point forward, been running an equal conventional organization locally.

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