Olamide, YBNL Crew, Stone Each Other With Dollars, Party Hard to Celebrate Asake’s New Album, Video Trends

Well known Nigerian artist Olamide and his YBNL team were in the US to commend his endorser Asake’s new collection, Mr Money With The Vibe. Olamide has been known to turn into a kind of Kanye West with his isolated way of life via virtual entertainment, yet he as of late showed fans his tomfoolery side. The YBNL manager was seen living it up with his folks, remembering Asake for the US, as they celebrated truly hard.

The music supervisor who was generally behind the camera was heard giggling as he recorded Asake and others stoning each other with dollar notes.

Not halting there, they generally began singing one of Asake’s hit melodies and it seemed, by all accounts, to be overall round great energies. The recordings likewise caught various unclad and insufficiently dressed ladies who moved joyfully as the men made it downpour cash. Another post likewise caught Olamide adjusting his wine glass on a woman’s rear and drinking from it prior to giggling before the camera. See a brief video from their tomfoolery show underneath:

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