16-year-old South African girl jumps from moving vehicle and dies after driver refused to stop

Police in Giyani, South Africa have approached local area individuals to help by giving data that would prompt the capture of a van driver and his team over the passing of a 16-year-old young lady, Ntwanano Hlungwani.

Ntwanano will be let go on Saturday, September 10, at Mtititi (Alten) town on the edges of Malamulel.

As per police representative, Constable Ridgewell Rikhotso, the departed and another high school young lady were given a lift by the driver of a white stacking van from Mtititi town to Mninginisi block 02 on the edges of Giyani on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

Rikhotso said that when the driver got to Mninginisi block 02, he passed the young person’s town driving at a higher speed.

The driver then, at that point, turned onto D3910 Thomo – khakhala street and continued to drive at a higher speed.

“The two casualties chose to leap off and they were both harmed. They were tracked down lying close to the street by different drivers who informed the police about the occurrence,” he expressed.

“When the police got to the scene, one was in basic condition. Crisis staff were called to the scene, and the two casualties were taken to emergency clinic for clinical consideration.

“Upon their appearance in clinic, Twanano Hlungwani (16) from Mtititi (Alten) capitulated to her injuries,” added Constable Rikhotso.

He said that examination is as yet continuous and the people who have data that could be valuable in the examination, are urged to contact Warrant Officer, Mlambo.

Remarking on the episode on Thursday, September 8, the departed’s uncle Charles Mashab said Ntwanano passed on attempting to save her life.

“Find happiness in the hereafter My Niece. You Took a Giant Step that took your life Abruptly, Hopping to Save Your Life” he composed.

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