Allow Amotekun to bear arms, Akeredolu urges FG

The Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has asked the Federal Government to permit Amotekun Corps to convey refined weapons to safeguard individuals.

Talking on his new situation on the oil pipeline reconnaissance contract granted to private people and associations, Akeredolu made sense of that his position was to permit Amotekun bear refined arms like the non-state entertainers who were locked in to safeguard the oil pipelines.

The lead representative expressed this on Wednesday at the introduction of the recently reproduced office complex anywhere nearby of the Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission in Oba-Ile, in the Akure North Local Government Area of the state.

Criticizing the unsafe security circumstance in the country, Akeredolu promised that he would keep on taking the bull by the horn in safeguarding individuals of the state.

He expressed: “The vast majority of individuals and, surprisingly, a portion of my partners didn’t actually comprehend my situation on the oil pipeline observation contract. I approve of the Federal Government granting observation agreement to anyone. It is Federal Government’s cash. They can utilize it in any case they want.”Here, we are spending our cash on Amotekun. Also, what I said in my articulation named ‘Who quite weapon’ was that the Federal Government ought to permit Amotekun convey refined weapons like those whom they granted pipelines reconnaissance contract.

“In the event that you can permit people to convey weighty arms to safeguard pipelines, is there any valid reason why you won’t permit Amotekun to convey complex weapons to safeguard individuals. The oil offices are not a higher priority than the existences of individuals,” he said.

Lead representative Akeredolu, who revealed that a captures had been made in association with the snatching of some entombment visitors in Ifon on Saturday, said the casualties who had been delivered were terrified to come and distinguish their abductors.

He commended all the security organizations in the state, including Amotekun, for the extraordinary work they did in getting the casualties’ delivery.

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