How Laziness Can Stop You from Achieving Your Potentials as a Top Selling and Successful Realtor.

What is laziness ?

It is defined as the quality of not being willing to work or use any effort:

For Example it can be like this

I could have close deals today when a client asked me for form and faq but Laziness stopped me , I was busying watching skits on instagram of sir balo and taoma and another realtor closed the sales who was more responsive and acted on time.🥱😭😭😭🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏾‍♂️

No Be Juju be that

I could go to the gym – it’s just laziness that stops me.

I could go for site inspection this week just laziness that stops me from showing site updates and ads video.

I could post content on facebook, instagram , linkedin, ticktok , whatsapp status today but laziness stops me

I could make 20 to 30 phone today calls to new prospects but laziness stopped me.

No Be Juju Be That.

I could have prayed today for God’s Favour , grace and Mercy but laziness stopped me from taking action.🤔

I could have gone for new training at the seminar but laziness stopped me.

I could have showed up daily but laziness stopped me from being a Consistent and Successful Realtor.

I could have sent the client his deed of assignment and receipts but Laziness prevented me from doing the work.

I could have been closing deals and earning commissions but Laziness prevented me from following up , checking on the prospects and I gave up too Easily when I face difficulties 😭😭😭

Lord Save Me from Devastating Effect of Laziness

Start Hanging around Successful People and Realtors who are making things happening and getting things done and also have results.

Question of the day

How do you stop yourself being Lazy and become a more productive realtor and get things done ?

Thanks for your attention and please Enjoy Your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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