Couple carjacked while having s3x at the backseat of their car (video)

A couple was left abandoned and without garments in the roads, after they were carjacked while engaging in sexual relations in the secondary lounge of their vehicle.

However the occurrence occurred in August in Brazil, the video which caught everything began moving this September.

The video shows three burglars moving toward a white vehicle that is left on the side of the road.

In a moment, the burglars began thumping savagely on the windows requesting for the vehicle tenants to open the entryways. The left secondary passage then opens before two of the burglars assist themselves with the front ways to involve the vehicle.

From the secondary passage, a distinct exposed man and lady are seen wildly emerging from the vehicle as the third looter moves in to possess their seats. Before the vehicle removes, the looters toss the couple’s garments at them leaving the upset people in love with just enough greater respect.

Watch the video below….

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