History: The story of Otokoto money ritual killings of 1996



On nineteenth September 1996, during the system of late General Sani Abacha’s, in city of Owerri – Imo, an honest 11-year-old kid named Anthony Ikechukwu Okoronkwo was killed for Ritual.

The young man was peddling bubbled groundnuts, which was his everyday daily schedule.
He walked around, offering his groundnuts for peanuts to whoever needed to purchase.
At the point when he got to Amakohia area of Owerri, his eyes illuminated with delight when a client coaxed on him to approach.

That ‘client’ was named Innocent Ekeanyanwu, matured 32.

The kid was called into the renowned Otokoto Hotel and the little groundnut merchant was noticeably extremely energized, since it was a lodging, it implied that the new ‘client’ would likely be purchasing bounty groundnuts which will mean more cash to bring back home to make his folks blissful and help his striving family.

While waiting,the kid was dealt with like a visitor, he was given a jug of Coca-Cola to chill from the rebuffing intensity of tropical Africa.
Guiltlessly, he took the Coke and swallowed it with relish.

As he was tasting his soda and investigating the sparkling encompassing of the inn, he might have envisioned having his very own lodging excessively later on. As he was dreaming, his vision became foggy and the sounds around him became gagged and dull.

Right away, he napped off, at absolutely no point ever to awaken in the future. His plate brimming with groundnuts was lying in a corner.

Noticing the kid from a protected distance was the one who had called him to purchase his groundnuts. He had spiked the kid’s beverage and when he saw he was snoozing he took the limp body of the tranquilized fellow into one of the lodgings and what followed next stays perhaps of the absolute most insidious thing anybody can at any point cook up. A sharp cutlass rose up out of no place and the kid’s head was cut off from his body. He was decapitated in no time.

After the kid’s head was cut off, he gut his middle, eliminated his liver and different parts he wanted.
Not done at this point, the kid’s privates were not saved also.
Subsequent to butchering the boy,and figured out the organs, he stuffed his head inside a polythene sack, and covered his remaining parts.

The Butcher, Ekeanyanwu then took the polythene sack containing the kid’s head,and set out toward the following objective: to the place of the one who required the new head. The one who is behind everything.

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