What is Your September Game Plan

After 31 days of August, we are happy to welcome the new month and also a new season. Happy New Month to Everyone.

1. Make a short post this morning on Social media with the caption “Happy New Month”

2. Send SMS to 10, or 20, or 30 or All of your Prospects and Clients wishing them a happy new month.

3. Private chat 10 new contact (Not your regular contacts friends) with a short message captioned ‘Happy New Month’

4. Google _Facts about September _ , make a short post with your great findings, and wish all September born a beautiful month of celebration

5. Motivate 10 of your team members individually on the phone, by wishing them happy new month and helping them to get the assurance that September is a month of greatness for them.

6. Make a short post in the evening with a write up focused on how successful your day was, be real, using photos will help

7. Do self affirmation multiple times “Instead of worrying about what I cannot control, I’ll shift my energy to what I can create” i attract paying clients easily September is a month of blessings and favour to me and my household.

say as often as possible… Let it be part of you today.

8. Study and read few pages of a personal development book, your bible or Quran.

9. Post throwback thursday posts and a product of the day regards real estate or go live.

May this New Month of September bring us all Blessings , breakthroughs, , unexplained favours.

Dr Laide Okubena

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