Two soldiers reportedly killed, four others injured as terrorists ambush troops in Katsina

Two fighters were supposedly killed while four others supported wounds when fear mongers trapped troops from the 32 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Shimfida people group, Jibia Local Government Area of Katsina State.

As per Premium Times report, the tactical faculty were trapped by the fear based oppressors along Shimfida-Gurbi street at around 10am on Wednesday, August 31.

The fighters were accompanying occupants of the local area to Jibia town to get some food things when the episode happened.

Occupants of Shimfida, where the assault occurred said numerous psychological oppressors were likewise killed in the firefight that resulted after the trap.

Nasir Mustapha, an indigene of Shimfida, who lives in adjoining Jibia town, said a military Armored Personal Carrier (APC), was accompanying a gathering of neighborhood finance managers to Gurbi town when it stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) established by the fear mongers.

“Promptly the vehicle stepped on the IED, it detonated and the outlaws began terminating at the fighters. Since the warriors were many, they as well, began terminating back. My cousin was among those going to Gurbi for a deal and he was inexplicably saved,” he said.

Mr Mustapha expressed because of expanding assault on explorers, troopers frequently escort occupants of Shimfida back and forth the region.

He added that numerous inhabitants of the area have escaped to the moderately protected Jibia town.

Another source, who mentioned not to be named, said when he saw an escort of six military vehicles on high velocity going through Jibia to Shimfida, he realized something was off-base.

“I talked with a portion of my companions in the town and they said troopers were being gone after. I additionally saw a flying corps stream heading towards that path. Later Musa (one of the financial specialists) let me know that the scoundrels took off while the excess warriors began taking shots at them, perhaps in light of the fact that they had proactively bombarded the APC, which was conceivably their expectation,” he added.

He said that the two non military personnel vehicles being accompanied were safeguarded by the warriors and none of the inhabitants supported injury or were killed.

“In any case, two warriors kicked the bucket and some were harmed. They brought their carcasses and went through here, (Jibia town)” he said.

It was assembled that the bodies and the injured troopers were taken to the Federal Teaching Hospital in Katsina.

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