Kidnapped US Catholic nun Suellen Tennyson freed in Burkina Faso

A US Catholic sister who was hijacked by furnished men in April in Burkina Faso has been liberated, the cleric of the neighborhood north-east see of Kaya has said.

Suellen Tennyson, 83, was kidnapped from a nearby ward around midnight in April, abandoning her glasses and pulse drug.

The personality of the hijackers was not known and is as yet not known. Albeit, a few assailant bunches united to al-Qaeda and Islamic State work in the Sahel district and are known to do assaults and hijacking against regular people in Burkina Faso and adjoining nations.

After her vanishing, the FBI had put out a missing individual notification, be that as it may, it required five months for her to be liberated.

“Sister Suellen is at present in a protected spot and healthy,” Bishop Theophile Nare said in an explanation on Wednesday, August 31.

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