One-Hit Wonders versus Hit Makers: Sustaining Success Using Portable and Asake Music as Casestudies

Let this be a Wake Up Call Especially to All the Successful Entrepreneurs, Sales Persons, Professionals , Network Marketers , Realtors and Developers of today who are about to start backsliding or going downwards in their careers.

May you not end up a one hit wonder in your career as as A Professional .

So Because you got recognition and awards or even incentives as a Top Selling Professional in 2021 You now think you would win another in 2022.

It is Just Like the Portable and Asake Music Success Story in the Nigerian Music Industry.

The street pop is witnessing a lot of new talents this year. However, the two standout artistes so far are Portable and the newly YBNL star, Asake. These two have released hit songs that are currently receiving massive airplays.

From Zazoo Zeh to his collaborations with Barry Jhay and Small Doctor, Portable is surely not slowing down. His slangs and street inclined tone of music is becoming an anthem to the boys and girls on the street. More than his music, Portable is now being seen as a symbol of hope to the people on the streets – a boy who came from nothing is gradually becoming an icon that was in December and Early First Quarter.

But Since His Zazoo song Big Hit, he has struggled to replicate that Success. Even Big Artists such as Davido, Wizkid , Burna boy and Top Artists are avoiding Portable for a Collaboration.

Talent is No Longer Enough To Keep You At the Top many other factors and qualities come into play also.

Things like Attitude, Lack of Loyalty, Lack of Good character, Humility , Skillset, Innovation, Creativity, Hardwork and Consistency has affected Him and Even Organizers of Headies award 2022 have banned him and removed him from their Nominees list in the Awards due to his recent behaviour and outburst on the 1 Million boys issue. Davido unfollowed him when he was campaigning for apc and only to later come back to support his Uncle when PDP won.

Portable also got denied from Entering Canada by a Show Promoter due to his attitude towards his former Manager.

With 8 months gone, one of the artists that have made Majority of the year interested is Asake.

Asake, who has had five to Six number one songs in six months started the year with the remix of “Sungba” that featured Burna Boy.

The latest YBNL act followed that up with “Palazzo” about a month ago, and quickly followed with “Peace Be Unto You,” which is going into another week as the #1 song in the country.

Asake has been unstoppable so far and it looks like no one can stop him. Asake has been able to Replicate and Sustain His Success with New Hits almost Every Month after getting the same support and feature portable got from Olamide that got him a Breakthrough Hit at the beginning of 2022 and He has managed to Sustain the qualities Portable lacks to keep attracting more collaborations and destiny helpers.

What got you here in 2021 will not take you there in 2022😨.

See if one or two client got you biggest Sales Ever that got you successful doesn’t mean it is the same client again o that will take you to your next level.

That client may decide to buy elsewhere if your customer service is poor and follow up and customer relationship management is bad.

E Don happen or someone else will be called by your client.

What is your Leads generation strategy?🤔

Do you even have adverts budget for marketing?

Do you still post on online like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, tiktok, Nigerian Property Centre and other new platforms?🤔

See you think you have arrived abi because of the new level you achieved in 2021 or first Quarter.

I have seen and witnessed many people who relaxed because they thought they knew it all.

That was the cause of their downfall.

They came down in their career , they stopped earning commissions as Sales professionals , they stopped making money 💰, the one hit wonder star stopped improving, got comfortable with stardom and got distracted and started to fall.

They and their team members became stale 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏾‍♂️😱 Jesus.

Because they got carried away and distracted by the small success and temporary success of last year or even earlier success

2 seconds of success everywhere Don burst oo 😨😨.

Small incentives or Alerts in 2021, Small One minute of fame , you Don lose guard , you think you have arrived , when they are leaders and legends that have maintained success for 40 years , 30 and 20 and 10 years at the top.

Small 1 year you are already distracted and cannot even sustain it anymore.

Now this same people are struggling to make sales and progress and earn in 2022 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏽‍♀️😨😱.

Apadasiburu aka Back to Square one may we not witness it in 2022.

When last did you go for a estate site inspection or estate tour as Realtor 😨🤔?

When last did you go out to network and meet new people or Even Sign up for a new course or even a new knowlegde and Skillset in a Business school?

When last did you do a leads generation advert on Facebook or Instagram or even LinkedIn?🤔

You now think you are too big to come for seminars or site inspections and you are now wondering why your team members also don’t come for seminars or site inspections anymore 😱🙆🏽‍♀️😀.

You see Yourself , like play like play you may be heading towards becoming a One Hit Wonder.

People who become a Hit from the past , people who used to be successful but now struggle to become relevant in the industry in Nigeria because you are now relaxed , lazy and feel too big to do things or even improve on your old self.

Even Developers and professionals are not left out in this also especially those who lose touch with clients feedbacks, latest trends and new developments in the industry and start to relax and start believing na we dey run this town kind of mindset.

There are Developers who used to exist 20 years ago or 10 or 5 that are no more in business.

Be Very Careful, Many people have gone down as a result of this , sebi I have done it before , I don’t need to learn anything new.

I call it see finish syndrome, where you become stale , stagnant, old school because of pride of not knowing you need to learn new things, take new actions to move to the next level.

Let this be a Wake UP Call Today to all you who think you have arrived.

Dangote Today still dey find money , he still prospects till date everyday and Has been relevant for the Past 40 years as an Entrepreneur.

Who I be who I be wey I no go prospect and find money.

Ladies and Gentlemen No dey look Uche face.

The day you stop prospecting or selling, the day you stop improving and getting to become better versions of your old self or old success is the day you write a letter to poverty to come into your life.

Question of the Day

What do you need to do or take action on today to change your current state to a better level?

What site inspections, what new skills, what new leads generation or ads or video content do you need to do today, Take action right now 🤔.

May Your Today not become worse than your Future Amen.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

DR Laide Okubena

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