– Read lots of sales and business books and do nothing about it.

– Attend classes and don’t take actions on them.

β€” Don’t post frequently about your products and services on social media to create awareness and demand for your products.

– You don’t block out time to make business/ sales calls for at least 2hours daily.

You blame everything else but yourself.

– You take time to answer emails and dms about your products and services.

– You expect clients to come to you. You don’t want to go to them.

– You depend fully on
referrals to grow your biz.*

– You don’t sleep, rest well or take care of your health. Our health is our wealth.

– You don’t have a sales system for closing sales.

– You don’t have a marketing system attracting Leads consistently in your business.

The law of reverse thinkingπŸ€”

If you do the opposites of all these, you’ll experience 360 turnaround in sales.

Every thing we do must be strategic to achieve more.

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