The Customers you will need to buy from you in December 2022 when is the best time to find them?

It is today, Right now, following the law of 30 days in sales.

You are not going to be waiting till December or Christmas day before you start prospecting them and then start running kiti kiti and runnning kata kata before you drink water and drop Cup ๐Ÿต๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

By December is a period Rent will be due or those preparing for those Long January Month of many Fresh Bills after the so called Dirty December.

The Prospecting activities you do in the Next 30 days will determine your Sales Success in the Next Quarter or 90 Days.

There are prospects you will be meeting today who are referrals who may be able to buy from you in this month of August or September but Many of them will have to be nurtured and followed up with over time who will eventually become paying Clients in December 2022.

You don’t wait for your Annual rent in December to Expire or have Detty December Bills or New Year Bills to contend with before you start prospecting.

Here are some strategies you can employ now before December 2022.

1. Set goals for attracting new customers today.

2. Know your customers

3. Determine your best channels to attract new customers

4. Understand the buying process

5. Leverage social media

6. Offer something for free, or at a discounted rate

7. Form partnerships

8. Start a referral program

9. Formulate a quarterly strategy

10. Stick to your plan, and learn from the results.

Bonus Tip. Use Direct Response Marketing.

1. Set goals for attracting new customers.

Write down short-term and long-term goals for attracting new customers.

Start by working towards short-term goals, which can lead to achieving your long-term goals.

Set SMART goals:Specific:ย How many new customers do you want to acquire? Using which channels (social media, referrals, Google searches, offline etc.)?

Measurable:ย Establish the metrics youโ€™ll use to determine whether youโ€™ve accomplished your goals

Attainable:ย Analyze each goal and determine its feasibility

Relevant:ย Determine which goals are the priorities for your business
Time-bound:ย Set a time frame to meet every goal.

2. Know your customers

You cannot succeed in the market if you donโ€™t know your customers. Before moving ahead with any plan, itโ€™s helpful to develop a buyer persona. Buyer personas are simply a profile of your companyโ€™s ideal customer. While itโ€™s important not to create too manyย buyer personas, having one or two buyer personas in mind can improve the way your business targets its market andย attracts leads.

3. Determine your best channels to attract new customers

Itโ€™s best for businesses to meet potential customers on the channels they frequent most. Are they on social media? Would they prefer email? Meeting in person?

You can determine how your customers prefer to be contacted by gathering data from your existing customers. However, donโ€™t put all your eggs in one basket โ€“ customers joining several new platforms every day, and aย multi-channel marketing strategyย is always best for attracting new customers.

4. Understand the buying process

Figure out how your customers are reaching you to purchase your product. Once you know these inbound channels, you will be able to pinpoint where to focus your efforts (as well as which channels might need some work). Here are some questions to help determine your customerโ€™s buying process:

How are customers arriving at your website? Is it via social media, organic SEO, or other methods?What page do they first land on?What do they do once they land on a page?What content or pages do they go through before making a purchase?

5. Leverage social media

By focusing on building relationships through social media, you can better magnify your marketing plans and gain a loyal following.

Here are some guidelines to attract new customers through social media:

Identify which social media sites your existing and desired customers are using.

Create company profiles on those sites
Post engaging content related to your business and industry
Focus on other interesting or trending topics, as well Use relevant keywords and hashtags relevant to your company

Listen and respond to feedback.

6. Offer something for free, or at a discounted rate

People love getting something for free, or at least less than the asking price. Consider implementing an introductory offer to draw in new customers.

7. Form partnerships

Consider forming partnerships with other businesses in your niche or that have the same audience as yours (although arenโ€™t in direct competition). This allows you to build a larger network of potential customers, and refer leads and prospects to each other.

8. Start a referral program

Your existing customers are your best advocates. They already know the benefits of your business and if theyโ€™re happy with what you have to offer, theyโ€™re probably already sharing you with their friends. So why not use your existing customers to attract new customers usingย customer referral marketing?

Existing customers get a reward for every successful referral, while new customers are also incentivized to make their first purchase.ย 

9. Formulate a quarterly strategy

Once you have all the resources in place, itโ€™s time for you to create aย  researched quarterly strategy focused on how to attract new customers. Three months will give you enough time to progress and track results, but not overwhelm you to achieve those results in very short periods. Frame every step in your plan in a way that supports the goals you wrote down in step one.

10. Stick to your plan, and learn from the results

What if you seem to be behind on your quarterly plan? If things seem like they arenโ€™t going your way, still stay positive and stick to your plan throughout the quarter. Keep in mind that uncertainties are bound to happen, and donโ€™t be discouraged by the lack of results. Donโ€™t let a small hindrance keep you from going forward with your plan, because getting results from a detailed strategy often takes time.ย  After the quarter is over, you can always evaluate your results and chart a new and informed path forward, based on the data you collected.

Bonus Tip:

Use direct response marketing

Direct response marketingย gets potential customers to complete specific, quick actions on the spot. Use direct response marketing to get potential customers to opt into your email list or give other contact information through aย lead captureย form. This allows you to reach them through methods and nurture them towards making a purchase.


Thankfully, there are many ways toย attract new customersย andย keep them coming back. Start by targeting the right prospects, offering them something informative and engaging, and applying some of the many tips offered.

Question of the day.

How prepared are you for December 2022 Customers and where and how will you find them ?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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