Hi There,

Today I’d like to share a quick “A-HA!” with you which could help you:

* Transform how you think about and operate your Real Network Marketing business

* Create repeat business and monthly recurring income

* And build something which will keep paying you and your family for decades to come (rather than having flash-in-the-pan biz that’s here today and gone tomorrow)

In fact it’s probably the best “lazy” way to get wealthy…

Because the more you do it NOW, the less work you’ll need to do in the future.

What is it?

Well, all you have to remember is…

**Drum roll please**




The Purpose of a Sale is to Create a CUSTOM-ER!

Let me explain:

A customer is someone who makes a “custom” from buying from you.

Which means they buy from you repeatedly…

And it’s NOT a one time transaction.

Why is this important?

Because sales are EXPENSIVE!

It takes time, hard work, (and sometimes money) to get someone new to trust you enough to buy from you.


It’s WAAAAAAY cheaper and easier to get an existing customer to buy from you again and again and again.

And yet SO MANY Network Marketers forget this simple concept…

Because all they’re interested in is the cash they get from making a sale, and then they’re onto the next one.

This kinda short term thinking is costing them BIG…as they’d make A LOT more if they focused on creating customers, instead of one-time sales!

Which is why they’re always chasing their tails and starting every month at zero 🙁


Here’s what I recommend you do instead:

If you treat customers like royalty, they will give you their loyalty.

So when you have a new customer in your business, make sure you go hard on making them feel special…

Do whatever you can…

To go above and beyond…

And provide extra value for them to be able to solve the problem they have.

And when you do that?

They are most likely gonna buy from you again, and again, and again.

With me?

‘Cos the best part is this:

As a Real Estate Network Marketer, you can create repeat customers who buy your products…

But also “repeat team members” who you help to grow their business and they help you also grow your business and income for years and years…

The same concept applies 🙂

You can become a leader Who builds a Successful team.

And build up your recurring income… instead of always starting from scratch each month.


This Means If you can master the art of prospecting, sales and marketing, customer care ,retention and treating your customers right and solving their problems , they will become repeat customers who can bring in more referrals.

Question of the day

What are you going to do today to make constant repeat sales , repeat customers from your real estate business and a great team where there is loyalty?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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