When you study history of Great Closers you would notice certain patterns in their Sales Strategies.

The saudi prince single handledly A client gave Masayochi Son (A High Ticket Closer) 45 Billion Dollars in 45 Minutes. 😳💰😁
Masa Closed a 45 Bilion Dollar Deal in 45 Minutes ,that is about a Billion Dollar per minute.

Great Closers don’t wait for their Customers to come and meet them ,they go out to meet them, they know their Target Audience and Exactly where they hang out online or offline.

The story of how two leaders put together the world’s largest private tech fund.

Here’s what all entrepreneurs can learn from SoftBank Group founder and how he raised nearly $100 billion for his Vision Fund.

Veteran entrepreneur and legendary investor Masayoshi Son founded the colossal SoftBank group in 1981. But, this year he managed to do the impossible when he successfully raised a $100 billion venture fund to invest in startups. He named the largest such fund ever raised the SoftBank Vision Fund. Nearly $45 billion of that astronomical amount came from a single unlikely investor, the saudi prince single handledly gave Masa 45 Billion Dollars in 45 Minutes. Masa Closed a 45 Bilion Dollar Deal in 45 Minutes ,that is about a Billion Dollar per minute, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund — the Public Investment Fund.

Here are 3 lessons we can all learn from Masa:

Showmanship beats anxiety!

When Masa approached the then Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, he started the meeting by offering him a gift — a trillion dollars. This gesture was significant because not only did it command the young prince’s attention but also captivated and enamoured him towards Masa’s proposition of leading his new fund. Although Masa’s massive personal wealth, global network and corporate success allow him to capitalise on many exclusive opportunities we must not forget that he too is human and hence subject to the usual emotions of self-doubt and anxiety. The easiest way to counter this instinct is to go on the offensive and, in this case, Masa used his charm and charisma instead of logic to cut through to the other side.

Use the tactic that you think will work best with the people and environment that you’re currently operating in!

Everyone respects the market!

In this case, Masa knew that Saudi Arabia was going through a sea change in terms of social and economic empowerment, and for the first time in decades was demonstrating a genuine appetite to evolve and disrupt its dependence on oil. Masa capitalised on this exact market sentiment to convince Prince Salman that investing in a new fund that would power the global technology trends of the future was the perfect opportunity to diversify his nation’s economic interests. 

Use your knowledge of market forces and listen to the signals to redevelop your offering to guarantee success!

People buy the dream, never the process!

it was Masa’s dream and naked ambition coupled with his proven track record that clinched the deal because as any high net-worth individual will tell you there’s never any shortage of people trying to sell them snake oil investment opportunities.

If you can generate genuine buy-in from others it is always possible to develop the right structure and processes to realise the opportunity.

How to Master High Ticket Closing: 4 Key Tips

Long-term, personal customer relationships are key to high ticket closing. At a higher price range, customers will take more time to decide — be patient.

High ticket closing is a valuable skill. The greater the value of your sales, the faster your revenue can increase. But in order to close on high ticket deals (and do so consistently), even seasoned sales professionals may need to rethink their sales strategies. Successful high-value closers drop the pushy sales techniques and focus on the long-term service and relationships premium customers are really looking for.

We’ll guide you through what high ticket closing is and how you and your sales team can make it happen.

What Is High Ticket Closing?

High ticket closing is a process that helps businesses sell premium products or services. Think international flights, vehicles, major appliances, or home renovations. A single high ticket sale is usually worth at least $500, so it’s not a purchase that clients will routinely make.

Mastering this sales process allows you to continuously boost your profit margins, even with a smaller total volume of clients. High ticket closers take your business to the next level by helping you appeal to people who are more focused on their customer experience and less on price.

High ticket sales start with quality lead generation. But once you start qualifying your leads and attracting the right people for premium products, how do you seal the deal?

As you now know, high ticket closing isn’t as easy as pushing out a low-touch social media ad or talking up a product’s features. But with these four tips, you can drive current and potential clients toward high-value purchases.

1. Focus on Personalization, Not Automation

Personalization is key in the high ticket closing process. Whereas chatbots and email newsletters can convert low-ticket shoppers, premium customers need a shopping experience that matches the price tag.

While LinkedIn posts and landing pages can still be great digital marketing tools, achieving a high ticket close will often require your undivided attention, perhaps through a phone call or in-store interaction. This level of human communication and empathy can create emotional connections with your brand, which spur shoppers into action.

Many high ticket shoppers do start their journey on the internet. But that doesn’t mean your online presence can’t be ultra-human. Embedding live video chat on your website with ServiceBell allows you to chat with customers face-to-face, right when they need you — no matter where in the world they are. All they need to do is ring your digital bell, and your sales team will be able to jump on the call.

Enhancing the level of personalization on every channel will help you stand out from competitors and build rapport, which leads to more high ticket sales.

2.  Act as a Guide, Not a Salesperson

Salespeople are notoriously pushy in the buyer’s journey. When buying high ticket products or services, the last thing clients want is to deal with cheap sales techniques. Instead, your sales reps should act as the experts they are, guiding shoppers toward the right purchase.

Your team members should never start with a sales pitch. You need to first get to know a client to understand what they’re really looking for. This way, you can offer the best product or service possible. Successfully meeting all of a customer’s needs and wants is more likely to lead to a high ticket closing than simply promoting your latest services or trendiest products.

3. Build Relationships, Not Prospect Lists

Long-term relationshipsare valuable when selling high ticket products or services. On average, loyal customers spend 31% more than brand new customers. They’re often less price-sensitive, too.

While high ticket sales may not happen daily — or even annually for particularly costly items — don’t assume that customers won’t come back. Shoppers shouldn’t be treated as short-term prospects. Rather, you should do your best to learn about their interests, needs, and more.

In short, focusing on relationships will help you build trust and encourage shoppers to commit to your product or service. As you continue learning about your customers and adding valuable data to your customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you’ll be able to fully customize every touchpoint. This will allow for more successful high ticket closings and higher value purchases.

Maintaining a good track record with clients can also help you get referrals and testimonials, both of which can help you convert premium customers.

4.. Remember to Follow Up, Not Give Up.

High ticket closings often depend on follow-ups. With more expensive purchases, consumers frequently need more time to think and research, and sales may not happen on the spot. If you don’t want potential clients to forget about you, you need to go the extra mile to check in.

These follow-ups aren’t meant to urge your warm leads to buy. Rather, it’s an opportunity for you to keep your brand at the top of clients’ minds while further nurturing your relationships. Give your clients a chance to ask questions and tell you more about who they are. Focus on developing loyalty, so shoppers will ultimately choose you when they’re ready to move forward with a purchase.

Win High Ticket Clients With High-Quality Tactics

Successful high ticket closing requires you to ditch your traditional sales training and take a customer-first approach. Whether you’re a business owner or a sales professional, you need to start weaving more personalization into the sales funnel.

Great high ticket closers are focused on maximizing client satisfaction and building strong relationships. With these strategies, you can increase the average value of your sales and your profit over time.

Start personalizing your client interactions with live, on-call video support.

Question of the day.

What did you learn from this high ticket closing?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

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