Power of Videos Searching on Tiktok and Even Instagram even Now before Google

Long time ago we once had a phrase Google it, but they tiktok it or Instagram it before they buy the product.

If you look at tiktok and Instagram they are similar since they are both video first platforms.

We now live in a Video first World Now. What does this mean, your content now has got to be up in terms of index with videos.

Here are few things that can help you now.

Use of Green Screens, instances of where you are talking and there is an image on the background.

This is possible on tiktok and which can downloaded and used on Instagram.

Backgrounds like this can generate you lots of views and even new followers.

This will position and establish you as an Expert.

Imagine there is a latest news on Dangote Refinery or maybe your industry and you take a screenshot of that newspaper, the guardian or punch or this day and point to that screen and use it to do content, People love this so much.

2. Step up Your Game in terms of your captions.

It helps the SEO , Search engine optimisation.

It makes your video or content searchable , your video pops up and they find you easily.

Those 2 things are very key and if you can go live. Just 5 or 10 minutes in a day for updates or new information update.

Going live can even help you close sales so much.

To also improve your sales be also be ready to speak words of affirmations to declare on what you want to achieve.

When you speak words you don’t know when it will manifest.

Speaking words of affirmations and speaking it in existence is a spiritual process that can help you manifest your sales goals.

Question of the day

What did you learn from this on Videos content, going live and use of affirmations in declaration of what you desire ?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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