“Before you walk, you must learn to stand and with learning to stand comes learning to fall”. -Dinma Aghaelinam.

A baby learns to walk by learning to stand and while trying to stand the baby experiences several falls. Most times the baby would have to go back to the crawling stage before it perfects standing up.

I would relate this to our personal businesses and jobs.
Before you begin to earn profits, you must perfect the act of perseverance, as it takes a lot of patience to run a successful business. You must learn to reinvest the profits you make to the business. You must learn to grow your staff and client base through recruitment and generating leads. You have to practice the act of following up with your clients, you must also learn good customer service.
A business that is not customer centered will loose it’s flavour over time. If there is any arm of the business you must pay attention to, it is that of customer service.
As an employee, how do you treat your job?
Some employees will be at their very best the first trimester of being employed to a new job and after they have made it past the probation stage, they begin to relax their attitude towards the job. They begin to handle the job as though they never worked for it. They attend to clients as if they mean nothing to the business.
You must realize that clients form an integral part of every business as they bring in the revenue. I am yet to see that business that doesn’t need inflow from customers. Even if it’s just a click on your media pages, website or what have you, you need people to make those clicks.
Our businesses need the presence of individuals that is why you must treat customers well enough for them to come back the next day.
You also need to master the act of money management.
Some company directors are loose spenders, they do not take finance or money management into account. They have no regards for money management. They want to get the latest fleet of cars, get the best houses in the city and go on vacations to the most exquisite places in the world, without taking into consideration the turnover of the company.
I would continue this series in my next post where I would be talking about the need for money management in business.
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