The odds that you’ll succeed in solving any problem or achieving any goal without taking Action…are about the same as winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

You can moan, complain, make excuses and rationalize all you want…

But eventually you’ll come to the understanding that the solution to whatever ails, scares or even inspires you is to…answer with action.

Customer Complaint? Answer with Action, sometimes customers feedback can help improve a business when entrepreneurs properly listen and respond with the right solutions.

Overweight? Answer with Action when you do the right thing in your diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Debt Piling Up? Answer with Action. Spend less than you earn and save more or learn a skill to be able to earn enough.

Character Flaw? Answer with Action, Make vital changes in your character inside out when you get such feedback.

Marital Problems? Answer with Action, visit a Marriage chancellor, Mentors, Experts in that area that can also help you out in such an area.

Complacency? Answer with Action, Are you currently stagnant in your personal life, professional life, spiritual , financial or In Success and Achievements, Find Mentors , Successful People making Progress with Results to help you and Guide and you answer with Massive Action.

Low Grades? Answer with Action.

Profits Declining? Answer with Action.

Poor Sales Performance? Answer with Action.

Are you facing sales drought in your business, answer with action by doing proper diagnosis or findings about what and why you are not selling ? Do a check up on your skillsets and sales processes , where are you poor at that needs improvement, new changes and adjustments, where do you need stop , where do you need to start doing more Answer with Action.

Website Not Converting? Answer with Action, Make changes that can make it start converting.

Bad Habits? Answer with Action by replacing your bad habits with good habits.

Worried? Answer with Action.

Unrealized Dreams? Answer with Action. DO a Thourough review of Areas in Your life where you are not realizing your Dreams and start making Action steps to have Realized Dreams.

Life is all about balance , you may be Successful in career and business , but still single in your late 30s or 40s , it takes self awareness to seek balance in that area to take action to finally settle down at the right time , like wise , in financial areas, spiritual life and important areas such as health.

Always answer with Action.

Question of the day.

What did you learn about the importance of taking Action and overcome procrastination ?

Thanks for your attention and please Enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena.

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