5 Questions To Improve Your Real Estate Business

The Quality of Your Questions is the Quality of your Life both Personal and Professional /Business Life.

Questions help to Open Up challenges or problems and find great solutions.

Here we go.

1. What Stories are you telling yourself that is preventing you from Making Sales or Making Cold calls, Putting out Great Contents online or Even Going out to Meet Your Target Audience and Potential Customers?

2. What Part of Your Business or Sales Process do you need improve this Week, is it in getting New Leads in your target Audience that can buy your products, Do you need to be always Early on time for appointments when there is traffic in Lekki, Do you need to be better in offline , networking , or Join a Business Club or Association that can change Your business ?

Is it in your Presentation or Communication part you need to work on or Follow up aspect or Documentation or writing down the summary of your session with a customer or prospect or remember to call back the client?

Is it in the follow up part or closing?

3. What Action on the Sales Process are you procrastinating on and Why? πŸ€”

A Sales Activity Can be Content creation online , is it because you hate your phone or you are not using a iphone ?

Is it asking for the Sales or Sending the customer the Account details part or taking customers for a site inspection part ?

Is it because you don’t like your House or You dont have a Ring Light or Audio Mic or you dont know how to edit pictures and Videos?

4. What Kind of Clients and Prospects Drain you?

Is it the people who cannot afford your products or the wrong target audience who say it is too expensive what you are selling or Ask for discounts on 1 Million Naira Land and a long payment plan?

Try to know Clients who drain you and avoid them.

5. Why Did that Client or Prospect who gave you green light he said was going to pay for 6 plots of land or buy 2 Units of Apartments from you.
And Suddenly stop picking your calls.

What can you do about it? It has happened to me before he suddenly stop picking my calls.

When I finally checked up on him, he said his wife was in the hospital and the health bills was neccessary for an operation hence the silence for a while.

Bonus Tip

How are you Self Sabotaging your Business or Career?

Are you the village people or person behind your own Success or Effort that is putting sand inside your own Garri?

Maybe A client said When you finish this call send me form and faq and account details and he wants to send it to many of his referrals but you forgot to send it and you were busy , that can a Self Sabotage πŸ€”πŸ˜¨.

This things happens to a lot of realtors they forget important things with clients that makes them lose a client or Sales.

Question of the day.

What did you learn from this and what action steps will you make today to change this?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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