7 Things Proactive Realtors Do To Succeed in the Real Estate Business That Non proactive Realtors fail to do

Written By Dr Laide Okubena

  1. They Work from To Do List , They plan their day in advance and their week and month.

Unsuccessful and Non proactive Realtors face any where belle face , they dont work from a plan that is why they fail.

  1. Proactive Realtors take Responsibility for their business and Success and failures.

Non Proactive blame Everyone like their Parents, the Government, their uplines and everything and the Economy and fail to take responsibility.

  1. Proactive Realtors Are open minded and have a growth Mindset that helps them constantly learning new skills, keep growing and succeeding.

Proactive realtors have I can do it mindset, it is possible, I can learn it.

Non Proactive Realtors have fixed Mindset, they say words like I cannot sell, I cannot make it in real estate, it is too expensive to sell, it is too far.

  1. Proactive Realtors are action takers , they move they go out for site inspections, they do follow ups on leads, they make things happen and never gives excuses.

Non Proactive Realtors give excuses, they fail to take action , they do nothing expecting miracles. They are lazy and non committed to making things happen.

  1. Proactive Realtors post daily online or even go out to meet new contacts or people.

They post on facebook, instagram, linkedin, they do email lists , whatsapp status , broadcast list, tiktok and youtube.

Non Proactive Realtors are not active at all, they dont come out for networking, they seat at home , they dont update their pages and they expect magic from doing Nothing.

  1. Proactive Realtors are Great Communicators and Great listeners and build relationships.

Proactive realtors listen about 80% of the time and only talk and use questions to understand their clients and prospects properly.

Proactive realtors are great communicators , they know how to talk on the phone, videos and one on one talk.

Non proactive realtors talk and talk all the time without listening to their customers or realtors.

They forget to follow up and build relationships with clients.

  1. Proactive Realtors develop their skillsset they are open learning daily and adopt mentors to guide them and invest in knowledge. Proactive realtors win awards , Top selling realtors , close deals and achieve their dreams.

Non Proactive realtors fail to learn, they believe they already know it all and fail to ask and learn new skills and knowlegde such as seminars etc.

Bonus Tip Proactive realtors respond well to failures by bouncing back from failures and challenges to become better individuals and professionals.

Non Proactive realtors give up when they fail and face difficulties and challenges.

Question of the day

Are you a proactive realtor or Non Proactive realtor?

What did you learn about proactive realtors?

Dr Laide Okubena

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